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Barra de Guaratiba is a region of ecotourism perfect for your days of rest and leisure!

Barra de Guaratiba is an ecotourism region, surrounded by beaches and natural landscapes.

The region offers a wide variety of trails and water sports such as stand-up paddle, kayak, jetsky can be practiced by renting the equipment.
Dozens of restaurants make up the gastronomic seafood center of Barra de Guaratiba and the trails that surround the inn are of medium difficulty and can be explored by you, your friends and family.

Gastronomic Pole

The region of Guaratiba is known for its authentic seafood restaurants. The neighborhood offers a variety of restaurants and bars for you to enjoy good food and enjoy a lush view of the natural landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

Hiking in Pedra da Tartaruga

If you're a fan of extreme adventures and stunning views, the Turtle Rock Rappel is what you need to try! The abseiling is of the negative type (that is when it is practiced in free spans, where there is no contact of the feet with the wall) to a height of more than 40 meters. After practicing the sport it is possible to bathe in the beautiful sea!

Stand Up

The calm waters of the mangrove channel of guaratiba serve as help for beginners in Stand Up Paddle. The practice is relaxing and perfect for those who want to get out of the city bustle and enjoy the natural landscapes of Rio de Janeiro

Restinga of Marambaia

Administered by the Brazilian Navy and by the Brazilian Army, its beaches are, for the most part restricted to military use. However, excursions are held for educational purposes. A breathtaking landscape and a characteristic tranquility of the place are factors that make the restinga be unforgettable!

Praia do Perigoso's trail

Known as "Wild Beach" the Dangerous Beach offers fun options for fun! It is possible to enjoy nature, to bathe in the sea and to camp. Access can only be made through a trail starting at the beach of "Barra de Guaratiba"

Praia do Meio's trail

Known as "Wild Beach" the Dangerous Beach offers fun options for fun! It is possible to enjoy nature, to bathe in the sea and to camp. Access can only be made through a trail starting at the beach of "Barra de Guaratiba"

Praia Funda

Located within an area of ​​environmental preservation, the "praia funda" beach can also only be accessed by means of trails. The strip of yellow sand, the crystal clear water and the vegetation of the mountains that surround the beach make this beach a must-stop for you!

Pedra do Telégrafo

Famous for its optical illusion, the Telégrafo stone is the perfect setting for your fun photos! The access is made by a trail that starts at the beach of Barra de Guaratiba. The stone is also located on top of a mountain where you can enjoy the view of Rio's "Wild Beaches" and Restinga da Marambaia

Abricó's Beach

The Abricó Beach offers an exotic adventure, unlike anything you've ever seen. The beach has great privacy and because of this was chosen for the practice of naturism. The beach has been authorized since 2003 for practice and is ideal for those looking for unique and innovative experiences.

Alambique Maxi Cana

The Alambique place is located very close to our hostel and contains an active production of cachaça. The environment is calm, with a waterfall, natural water pool and open visits to the alembic are some of the advantages made available to our guests.

Sítio Burle Marx

The Roberto Burle Marx Site is a Center for Landscaping, Botany and Nature Conservation Studies. Contains a botanical and landscape collection that includes more than 3 thousand species of tropical plants. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Saturday, 9:30 am and 1:30 p.m.


The beach preferred by surfers is very close to you. The small stretch of beach is a true natural paradise within the city. The best time to visit is in the morning to enjoy the sun that hides between the mountains in the afternoon.

Grumari Beach

Known for its majestic waterfront, this beach is located in one of the quietest neighborhoods of the city. Its crystalline waters and its waves, much sought after by tourists, characterize one of the most beloved beaches in Rio.

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